The following terms and conditions apply to all party bookings made by you (“the Host”) with Parties 4 Kids Pty Ltd
ABN 55 144 733 237 (“the Provider”)

  • Bookings are restricted to Australian Residents
  • Bookings must be confirmed at least 14 days in advance
  • Payments may be made by pay pal online or bank transfer at least 14 days prior to the party date.
  • $50.00 deposit must be received as a non-refundable deposit  at time of booking.  The deposit will become refundable in the following circumstances:
    • If for some reason the Performer booked for the event is unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances and the Provider cannot replace them with a Performer acceptable to the Host, then the deposit will be returned in full
    • The Provider uses all reasonable endeavours to provide accurate, timely deliverance of the party, but makes no assurances or warranties for events out of the control of the Provider
  • Balance of payment must be received 7 days prior to the party date, upon any non-payment the provider reserves the right to cancel the booking
  • The Host hereby takes all responsibility for;
    • The safe environment of the venue
    • The provision of safe and suitable food and drink for the attendees taking into account known, suspected or possible dietary requirements of the attendees
    • Informing all parents that they are responsible for supervision of their own children and their childrens’ behaviour
    • Any illness, injury, bullying, insulting or inappropriate behaviour from either the children or their parents; if parents aren’t present then Host will assume responsibility for control of children
    • If any incident mentioned above should occur then the Host and the representative of the Provider will complete and sign an Incident Form, setting out the details, the actions taken and the outcome on the day – the Incident Report remains the property of the Provider.
    • The Host agrees to all photos from the party being uploaded onto Parties 4 Kids face book page.  The Host is permitted to ask the Provider to see all photos she has taken before she leaves the party.
    • The Host agrees to all photos from the party being used by Parties 4 Kids for advertising purposes.
  • Gifts or Prizes provided by the Provider are not suitable for children under 3 years of age, if there are to be children under 3 present at the venue, then the Host must advise the Provider who will make a decision on whether gifts and prizes can or will be made available or if they are provided the suitability of such gifts and prizes
  • The Provider has taken due care in the selection of “gift or prize” products for the party, and has sourced them from reputable providers,  but takes no responsibility for any inherent fault in material or manufacture
  • The provider will use all reasonable measures to ensure that inclusions in any package will match those ordered, but reserves the right to substitute an equivalent quality and priced product if the required inclusion is unavailable
  • Any equipment supplied by the Provider, including but not restricted to the party table, chairs, decoration , tableware or equipment remain the property of the {Provider and will be returned in good condition at the conclusion of the party
  • The provider will set up and take down equipment and the like that is supplied by the Provider, but will not be responsible for setting up or taking down other equipment, furniture or objects provided by the Host or Third Parties
  • Parties 4 Kids uses Australia post for the delivery of postal packages.  Parties 4 Kids will post packages upon receipt of payment.  The Party host assumes all responsibility for the safe & timely delivery of postal packages”.

All designs, logos, trademarks, graphics and images are owned, licenced or used with permission of the owner by the Provider and are not to be used or reproduced without prior written consent of the Provider or the Owner